16 People Dead In Ukraine After Drone Attack

(PatriotWise.com) — 16 people were killed in Ukraine after Russia fired more than 20 missiles into the country’s capital, according to Newsmax. Two missiles that hit a building killed the majority of the Ukrainians, including three children. The series of strikes came after nearly two months of no attack on Kyiv.

Ukraine alleges that its air force intercepted 11 cruise missiles and two unmanned aerial vehicles in recent months. But the recent attack that hit the nine-story residential building was among the deadliest, leaving two 10-year-old children and a toddler dead. An elderly woman aged 75 suffered internal bleeding from the strike, according to emergency personnel. There were 17 survivors and three children who were rescued from the rubble, according to police.

Another resident says that she and her husband were covered in glass and made their way out after seeing flames in their windows. She explained that she went to check on her friend to make sure she was okay but found her lying dead.

While the strikes were not near the front lines, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been known to launch missiles deep into the country, hitting civilian infrastructures, which experts say is intended to intimidate Ukraine. But Putin denies striking civilian areas.

As the war enters in the fourteenth month, Russia is reportedly losing the ground gained throughout its campaign. The assault on Bakhmut, which is experiencing intense fighting from both sides, has slowed, crushing Putin’s desire to take control of the city. Ukraine alleges that they have killed more than Russian 160,000 troops.

Ukraine is now saying that they may “strategically” pull back from Bakhmut because the costs outweigh the benefits. Alexander Rodnyansky, the advisor to President Volodymyr Zelensky, told CNN that they are not going to risk the lives of their soldiers if holding onto the city does not benefit them.

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