400 Doctors Declare Crisis Over Vaccines

Thousands of people, including doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals, and random folks with no connection to the medical or scientific community have signed on to a letter released last weekend declaring that the COVID vaccines have caused an “international medical crisis.”

The letter campaign, led by Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude of the French Institute of Health and Medical Research, was prompted by concerns that there has been an increase in illness and death related to the COVID vaccines.

The letter cites incidents of miscarriage and perinatal deaths along with other hospitalizations and deaths related to the vaccines. It claims that there have been over 11 million reports of people suffering adverse effects from the shots, and alleges that this number may only represent between one and 10 percent of all such adverse cases.

The letter calls for the discontinuation of the use of the COVID vaccines and an investigation into the “sudden deaths” of formerly healthy people after receiving the vaccines.

The letter also demands that independent research groups not affiliated with drug companies conduct an analysis of the composition of the various COVID vaccines.

As of this Monday, the letter has been signed by over 13,000 people, many of whom have nothing to do with medicine or science, including accountants, salesmen, teachers, customer service workers, retired individuals, and waiters.