400 Michigan Hospital Workers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate

(PatriotWise.com)- About four hundred healthcare workers at Henry Ford Health System in Michigan have resigned from their jobs over the system’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Henry Ford employs approximately 33,000 people and includes five hospitals. It is one of Michigan’s largest hospital systems. Employees were required to get vaccinated by September 10. Those who did not qualify for an exemption or failed to comply with the mandate were given until October 1 to get vaccinated or face repercussions.

According to Henry Ford, about 93 percent of workers had received at least one shot. Another six percent were granted either a religious or medical exemption. Less than one percent, or about 400 people, resigned.

Bob Riney, president of healthcare operations and COO for Henry Ford, told reporters last Wednesday that none of the approximately 400 workers were fired. He said that anyone who left because of the vaccine mandate is being classified as a “voluntary resignation.” Riney added that any of those workers who quit will be allowed to reapply if they subsequently receive the COVID vaccine.

However, an attorney for one Henry Ford employee disputed Riney’s claim that nobody was fired.

Attorney Kyle Von Allmen, whose client was one of 64 employees who last month sued over the systems vaccine mandate, said his client was denied a religious exemption and fired. Von Allmen told the Epoch Times that contrary to the health system’s claim that these employees resigned, they did not quit at all; instead, they were terminated.

Henry Ford rejected about 250 religious exemption requests along with a handful of requests for medical exemption after looking at the workers’ past behavior and beliefs and determining that the requests didn’t meet the criteria.

Vaccine mandates are leading to staffing shortages at many hospitals throughout the US. In Michigan alone, two large health care systems, including Henry Ford, began cutting beds last month.

Henry Ford Health System said they began hiring new workers to offset the losses by recruiting internationally.

Henry Ford does not allow an exemption for those who have developed natural immunity due to the previous infection of COVID-19 – this despite the fact that studies have shown natural immunity is more durable and longer-lasting than immunity derived from vaccines.

However, several Michigan healthcare systems, including Spectrum Health, do let workers opt out if they can prove they have natural immunity.