400 People Rioting Lead To Interruption Of Military Event

(PatriotWise.com) — An event in Chicago, organized to honor the military, was canceled after a group of teens started a riot. The Armed Forces Weekend Carnival was shut down after a group of around 400 kids formed a flash mob on Saturday evening. A Facebook post from the Village of Tinsley Park Public Safety said the teenagers “began running through the parking lot and fighting with each other in an attempt to cause chaos and disrupt the event.”

One law enforcement officer was injured, and police handed out five citations. No shots were fired, police confirmed. Organizers canceled the Sunday event because posts were sighted on Facebook from teenagers saying they intended to repeat the rioting that evening.

Video clips from the event on Saturday show young people punching and kicking each other and clashing with police.

The incident occurred only a month after young people in Chicago terrorized the city streets during a weekend of violent disorder. Hundreds of teenagers smashed windows in cars and stores in April, and people reported being attacked by the mobs.

One man was hospitalized after a group jumped on the hood of his car, broke his windows, and beat him. Multiple shots were fired in the city as police descended upon downtown Chicago trying to restore order.

A 6-year-old and a 17-year-old were shot but were released from hospital after treatment for minor injuries. There were 15 arrests.

Newly-elected left-wing Mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, responded to the chaos, saying it was “not constructive” to demonize young people. Instead, he said the city must provide spaces for youths to gather “safely and responsibly.”

Conservatives replied to the Mayor’s statement arguing that such a soft approach is precisely the problem and allows criminal behavior to go unchecked. Controversial commentator Mike Cernovich said, “It’s actually YOUR fault they did this.” Others mocked Johnson and said his administration was already a disaster, even though he hadn’t taken office yet.

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