54% Of Republicans Would Back Trump 2024 If Biden Is Next POTUS

(PatriotWise.com)- According to a new poll, a majority of Republicans would back President Donald Trump in a 2024 re-election campaign should Joe Biden ultimately become the next president of the United States. The poll comes as the president continues to battle through the courts for election integrity, demanding audits in states where there appear to be severe irregularities in the voting figures.

In the Morning Consult/Politico poll, President Trump received 54% of support from Republicans, indicating that most people in the party don’t believe a potential election loss this time around was a failure of his platform or work over the last four years.

The poll, which was released on Tuesday, showed that other possible Republican candidates barely even registered in terms of support from the party. Vice President Mike Pence came second behind the president, and the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., took 8% of the vote.

Even if Joe Biden does become the next president, and President Donald Trump decides not to run again, the strength of the Trump platform remains clear in the huge amount of support for both Mike Pence and Trump Jr.

Other candidates, representing the Neo-Con and RINO wing of the party, barely registered. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and anti-Trump Senator Mitt Romney of Utah took less than 5% of the vote. However, a series of other pro-Trump Senators, including Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, also took less than 5% of the vote.

An even bigger majority of Republicans said that President Trump had the best grasp of what the party’s “rank and file” were feeling, taking 68%. Only 20% of respondents from the  Republican Party said that congressional Republicans better had their finger on the pulse of what the party members and voters were feeling.

In terms of who was the most “effective” and “committed to the U.S.’s best interest,” President Donald Trump took a massive 71%. Only 17% of respondents said that congressional Republicans cared the most.

Taken between November 21 and 23, the poll asked 1,990 people their opinion on the future of the president if he loses the White House in January. If he does, there has been much speculation about the president either running again in 2024 or potentially establishing a new television network to compete with Fox News.

If the president does want to run again, the 22nd Amendment means that a president can serve two non-consecutive terms.

Do you think President Trump would win if he ran in 2024?