A Muslim Family Allegedly Assaults Son for Converting

(PatriotWise.com) — Three members of a Muslim family in Tennessee face legal trouble after an alleged attack on a young family member who had converted to Christianity.

Reportedly, the police went to a Nashville-area residence following an employer’s concerns about a minor employee. When they arrived, they found the boy in a distressed state, with tousled hair and appearing anxious. He informed the authorities that his parents, Nick Kadum, 57, and Rawaa Khawaji, 46, along with his older brother, John Kadum, 29, had physically assaulted him due to his conversion to Christianity. The arrest report detailed that the three of them “repeatedly punched him and spat in his face.”

Michelle, the assistant general manager at the McDonald’s where the young man was employed, mentioned that she instructed her shift manager to contact the authorities.

According to Michelle, the situation involved the victim being tortured, as they had him pinned down and subjected him to severe physical abuse, causing him to lose consciousness. She also mentioned that their pastor contacted her and informed her that the victim’s brother, John Kadum, had made threats to kill the victim during a phone call.

The boy also accused his mother of cutting his right hand with a knife. The authorities noted that the injuries appeared haphazard, including lumps on his face, though it’s unclear who inflicted these particular wounds.

According to the boy, the assault persisted until law enforcement arrived at the home. He indicated that his family demanded that he renounce Christianity and declare himself a Muslim.

The parents and the elder son were arrested on charges related to domestic and aggravated assault. They were released subsequently, but the specifics of their next court appearance remain uncertain.

While the boy’s condition post-treatment at a nearby hospital remains unknown, the current situation regarding his stay or removal from the home is unclear.

Individuals close to the victim expressed their devastation over the incident, revealing details about the alleged mistreatment and expressing concern about the suspects returning to the neighborhood.

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