A New York Post Columnist Alleges Plan to Switch Out Biden for Michelle Obama

(PatriotWise.com) — In a January 22 column, New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams suggested that former first lady Michelle Obama could already be preparing to run for president in 2024.

Mrs. Obama has never suggested that she would run for office at all and previously dismissed the notion of running for president in a 2022 interview with the BBC.

During the interview, Obama said she detested being asked about possibly running for president and told “BBC Breakfast” host Naga Munchetty that she would not run.

The former first lady expressed her support for President Biden and praised the work he had done as president.

When asked if she would support Biden if he sought reelection, Mrs. Obama said she would wait to see if Biden decided to seek a second term before “opining on it.”

However, in her column, Adams claimed that sources told her that Barack Obama had “polled donors” about a possible Michelle Obama candidacy.

She claimed that Obama planned to have President Biden announce sometime in May that he would not be seeking reelection. Then, during the Democratic National Convention in August, Michelle would be tapped as the nominee.

Adams claimed that Michelle’s “team” had sent surveys to top donors asking how they would feel about Michelle becoming the Democratic nominee.

In a recent podcast, host Megyn Kelly discussed Cindy Adams’ column with National Review writers Charles C.W. Cooke and Rich Lowry.

While Kelly suggested that a Michelle Obama candidacy would be a “game-changer,” Lowry told Kelly that he would be shocked if Michelle even wanted to run for president. He said Mrs. Obama was already a worldwide celebrity and asked why she would “want to go through this.”

The panel agreed that it was unlikely that Michelle would accept the nomination if the party tried to force it on her.

Cooke suggested that the Democratic Party is made up of so many disparate factions that Joe Biden may be the only candidate all of the factions could agree on, despite his advancing age. He said Michelle would only appeal to “some parts of the Democrat coalition,” but not all of them.

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