A Warning Sign For Donald Trump Hiding In Primary Results

(PatriotWise.com) — Former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley continues to win a significant share of votes in the GOP primaries despite dropping out of the race in March.

Haley had strong showings in Tuesday’s GOP primary races in Maryland, Nebraska, and West Virginia. She bagged 20 percent of the vote in Maryland, 18 percent in Nebraska, and 9.4 percent in West Virginia, suggesting that dissatisfaction among Republican voters for Donald Trump remains strong even after he clinched the Republican nomination.

Haley also finished strong in Indiana last Tuesday, securing 21.7 percent of the vote. The former UN Ambassador’s biggest support was in suburban and urban Indiana counties. She drew a staggering 35 percent of the vote in Marion County, the home of Indianapolis, and over a third in suburban Hamilton County.

Like other primary states, Haley did best in Indiana’s most Democrat areas, except for Lake County near Chicago, where Haley only drew 14 percent of the vote.

The Biden campaign last week noted Haley’s strong finish in Indiana to highlight Donald Trump’s struggle to win over suburban voters. President Biden is hoping to appeal to Haley voters in the General Election.

The Trump campaign, however, dismissed Haley’s strong showings, claiming that her support in the primaries came from registered Democrats.

Haley also did well in the Pennsylvania primary in April, winning 16.5 percent of the vote to Trump’s 82.8 percent.

Haley’s continued strength in the primaries, despite no longer being in the race, has helped to fuel speculation that Trump may choose his former UN ambassador to be his running mate.

After sources close to Trump suggested that Haley was being considered for VP, the former president dismissed the claim, saying in a post on Truth Social that Haley was “not under consideration” but he “wished her well.”

Haley suspended her presidential campaign following a disappointing finish on Super Tuesday in March. At the time, she stopped short of endorsing Donald Trump, choosing instead to encourage Trump to reach out to her voters.

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