Actress Was SECRETLY ABUSED – Says What Happened

Actress Reports Secret Abusive Relationship

(PatriotWise) – Actress Abigail Breslin used Instagram to reveal the details of an abusive relationship she had been in for nearly two years and how she managed to break free of him.

Breslin explained that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month so she decided to share with her Instagram followers all the graphic details of her experience in hopes it might help others “stop the violence.”

She recounted how her abuser beat her “on a regular basis” and locked her in rooms. She described using makeup to hide the bruises.

In addition to physical abuse, Breslin said she was subjected to verbal abuse, including “put downs” and “shaming” that make her feel “unworthy” of love and “ugly and hated.”

Describing the period of her relationship as the loneliest she ever felt, Breslin said she blamed herself for her abuse, thinking she was the problem.

Breslin credited her friends and family for playing “an instrumental and invaluable role” in helping her escape the abusive relationship, saying she will always be “indebted” to those closest to her for believing in her.

She concluded her Instagram post by describing her current relationship with her fiancé, Ira Kunyansky, as “wonderful, healthy, happy and amazing.”

Breslin told her Instagram followers that if any of them is in an abusive relationship, “you CAN get out of it.” She said that, while it might seem terrifying or impossible, they can leave an abusive relationship “if you have the right tools and support.”

After she posted her story on Instagram, several of her followers replied by opening up about their own experiences with previous abusive relationships.

In a reply to one of her followers, Breslin said she would not wish her domestic abuse “on my worst enemy.”

She encouraged another follower who expressed doubt that she would ever find a healthy relationship, telling her “You will get there! I promise!”

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