Adam Schiff Takes To TikTok To Complain About Republicans, Which Is A Chinese Spy App

( – California Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff hasn’t stopped complaining ever since Speaker Kevin McCarthy kicked him off the House Intelligence Committee. In addition to rushing to cable news and “The View” to complain, last week, Schiff posted a video message on TikTok to complain some more.

Nothing says, “I belong on the Intelligence Committee” quite like posting a video to a Chinese-owned app known to be a threat to national security.

In his video, Schiff declared that McCarthy removed him from the Intel Committee “all for doing my job.” He claimed that he stood up against McCarthy and former President Trump “when they tried to tear down our democracy,” adding that if McCarthy thinks removing him from the committee will stop him, “he will soon find out differently.”

After accusing McCarthy of “political retribution” and vowing to “fight harder,” naturally, Schiff also used the video to solicit campaign contributions.

Ironically, in a recent interview with Fox 11 News, Schiff claimed that he personally doesn’t use TikTok due to privacy and security concerns.

Schiff told Fox 11 that he doesn’t have the app on his phone and recommends others shouldn’t either, adding that he would like to “see the federal government not use TikTok.”

While there is bipartisan support in Congress to restrict TikTok, Democrat lawmakers are still using the app on their personal devices.

According to an analysis from States Newsroom, at least 31 Democrats and 1 Independent had TikTok accounts as of early January. At least half of those either currently serve or previously served on committees dealing with foreign affairs, the armed forces, and national security.

Last Thursday, in another video that was posted on Twitter and TikTok, Schiff announced he was running for Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat in 2024.

Schiff said he was running for the Senate because “our democracy is at great risk.” He accused Republicans of caring only for power, and said “we’re in the fight of our lives.”

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