AI Flips Out After Hearing Basic Statement About Gender

( — A volleyball player from the NCAA is claiming she was scolded by an artificial intelligence (AI) program while using it to write a message about transgender-identifying men in women’s sports.

The athlete, Macy Petty, says that while using the program ChatGPT to record her thoughts about men in women’s sports to compose a message to post on Twitter.

She copied and pasted the draft of her message into the program which explained that she was an athlete in the NCAA and that as a female athlete, it’s important to stand up for the rights of women and girls to have sports leagues without men competing against them. She explained through her writing that women were being put in danger and losing scholarship opportunities to men who identify as women.

Because her message was “a lot of information” to fit into a single tweet, according to Petty, she used the program to try and condense her thoughts within Twitter’s character limit. After copying and pasting the draft, she told the program to condense it. Apparently, ChatGPT wasn’t pleased with the way Petty worded her message.

The program told Petty it understands she wants to “highlight the importance of girls’ sports” as “exclusively for girls” but that it was also “important to emphasize inclusivity and equality… rather than promoting exclusion based on gender.” The AI program told Petty it was better if sports were “accessible and welcoming” to everyone no matter what gender.

Petty now believes that ChatGPT is clearly biased and written by tech giants who are politically left-wing, which they are using to push their own views onto users, rather than a serious augmentation technology designed to help users with their writing.

AI is becoming a growing concern across the world. In April, an open letter signed by 1,800 scientists and tech developers, including Elon Musk, called for a temporary pause on the development of AI systems until proper regulatory provisions could be developed. The letter also warned about the potential consequences of AI development for society.

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