Air Force Officer Breaks Silence on “Glowing UFO”

U.S Air Force

( — A former US Air Force patrol officer last week described his near-encounter with a UFO near Vandenberg Air Force Base twenty years ago that was reportedly the size of a football field, the UK Daily Mail reported.

Former Air Force senior patrolman Jeff Nucetelli told the podcast “Merged” that contractors working for Boeing at Vandenberg in 2003 radioed in to report seeing a floating red square about 100 yards in length appear over a launch site. As a patrol officer, Nuccetelli was sent to respond to the report.

According to Nuccetelli, the contractors, who all had top-secret security clearances, were “excited” and “scared” by the time he showed up. Nuccetelli described the scene as “mayhem,” with everyone freaking out.

He said that as he was getting into the car to respond to the call, the contractors started “screaming over the radio,” saying that the red object was coming at them. He said it was difficult to understand what they were saying since they were screaming and sounded scared.

While Nuccetelli did not see the object himself, he told the “Merged” podcast that he had no doubt the contractors witnessed something. He said the men who reported the UFO were “trained observers” who were posted in that area 24/7.

Nuccetelli explained that the contractors would be able to tell the difference between an aircraft and a fishing boat, and he said he did not believe that they were “jumping the gun” when they reported seeing a UFO.

According to Nuccetelli, the contractors said the object moved “strangely” and “erratically,” growing “bigger and brighter” the closer it came. He said they described the craft as moving at “a high rate of speed” and flying “right up to the entry control point” before stopping. And as they watched it, the UFO shot away.

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