Alan Dershowitz Reveals Big News About Supreme Court

( Following years of Democrats claiming that Republican-nominated Supreme Court Justices would completely transform America (after Democrats already transformed it), constitutional lawyer and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has spoken out to explain why they are wrong.

Referencing the recent decision by the Supreme Court to dismiss a Republican-led challenge to Obamacare, Dershowitz told Newsmax that the Supreme Court is not in a “conservative revolt mode.”

Instead, he said that the Supreme Court and former President Donald Trump’s nominees are trying to make “consensus decisions.”

Perhaps it’s because the Supreme Court knows that Democrats are planning to pack the court or create a limit to the number of years justices can serve on the bench.

Speaking to Newsmax, Dershowitz said that those who screamed about conservatives taking control of the Supreme Court don’t understand what happens when people take on the role of a Supreme Court Justice. He described how they tend to stop being political and generally look at issues from a legal, not ideological, stance.

Maybe the Democrats were freaking out because they know their own judges act politically and not legally?

Dershowitz indicated that this is more about making a point on court packing, with Republican and conservative justices sending a message to “stop with this nonsense.”

And a recent decision made in favor of a Catholic foster care company from Philadelphia also indicates that while the court won’t be radically conservative, it is going to typically favor religion and religious rights…as is stipulated in the Constitution.

But Obamacare, at least for now, is safe. Dershowitz said he believes that the court has already ruled against Republican Obamacare challenges multiple times and that it will continue to happen in the future.

So at least for Biden’s presidency, we probably shouldn’t expect Obamacare to go anywhere…