Alex Jones Pulls COWARDLY Trick – Attempts to Escape His Punishment

Alex Jones Hid Millions Amongst Friends And Family Ahead Of Suit

( – The Washington Post reported last week that Alex Jones was transferring millions of dollars out of his InfoWars parent company ahead of filing for bankruptcy.

Jones has been ordered to pay nearly $1.5 billion in damages related to defamation suits brought by the family of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

According to records reviewed by the Washington Post, between August 2020 and November of last year, InfoWars’ parent company Free Speech Systems began signing promissory notes totaling $55 million to PQPR Holdings, a company owned jointly by Jones and his parents.

Sandy Hook attorney Avi Moshenberg told the Post that in the middle of the lawsuit, Free Speech Systems began documenting debts that didn’t exist beforehand.

Lawyers representing the Sandy Hook families argued in an additional lawsuit that PQPR is not an independent business and Jones’ activities were intended to prevent his massive $270 million fortune from being used to pay the damages awarded.

The Post reported that Jones’ financial records also indicated that a company managed by his sister was listed as a Free Speech Systems “supplier or vendor” and received at least one payment of $240,000.

This year, Jones also began paying his personal trainer $100,000 a week to help him ship supplements and merchandise promoted by the InfoWars host.

The Post reported that Alex Jones used similar financial maneuvers during his 2013 divorce. While Jones maintains that PQPR Holdings was created to protect him from legal liability, it was founded just two months before he and his wife split. His ex-wife told the Washington Post that Jones created PQPR holdings to “hide his assets for when we broke up.”

Earlier this year, Free Speech Systems filed for bankruptcy after three other companies tied to Jones, InfoWars, Prison Planet, and InfoWars Health, filed for bankruptcy last year. The attorney for the Sandy Hook parents accused Jones of using bankruptcy as a way to “delay the inevitable.”

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