Americans Finally No Longer Trust Big Government

( A new poll sponsored by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute has uncovered a massive drop in the trust and confidence that the American people have about the U.S. military, as well as a “growing ambivalence” about American leadership all over the world.

According to the poll, which you can see here, the American people are hugely concerned about the growth of China’s power, as well as the cyberattacks being directed at the United States by Russia and China. There is also a huge level of distrust in American institutions, including the national media and even Congress.

That’s not a good sign, is it?

Between November 2018 and November 2021, the overall trust and confidence in the United States Congress have sat between only five and six percent – which is disturbingly low for the elected legislators who are meant to be acting in the interests of the American people.

Trust in the media is dropping too, from 16 percent in November 2018 to only 10 percent in November of this year.

Even worse news for the Democrats, trust in the office of the United States President has fallen to only 19 percent.

Is it any surprise when the American people are paying more than ever for gas, food, and basic household goods?

The poll showed how a majority of Americans believe that China now poses the biggest threat to our country. For the first time, the poll also found a consensus among both Democrats and Republicans about national security issues, with some 65 percent of people saying that China is an enemy of the United States – an increase of 10 points over the last three years.

When broken down by party, sixty-six percent of Democrats said China is an enemy and 79 percent of Republicans said the same.

In other words, the American people have finally woken up to the threat of Chinese communists – but with President Joe Biden in charge for the next three years, it’s hard to imagine any tough or decisive action being taken to stop the country’s growth and continued human rights abuses.