Americans Want Trump To Run Over Joe Biden, Poll Finds

( A new poll shows a discrepancy between the orange man and dementia Joe. Yahoo/YouGov report that 64% of voters do not think President Biden should run again in 2024, nine points higher than the 55% that do not think former-President Trump should run again.

While both presidents do not fare well here, in a head-to-head matchup, Trump beats Biden 42% to 39%.

The poll also shows party unity and disunity. A majority of Democrats did not think Biden should run again, with only 43% saying yes; however, Trump received a majority of Republicans thinking he should run again at 58%, with only 25% saying no.

Biden’s support amongst Democrats have been slipping. When asked whether she would support Biden in 2024 in an interview with CNN’s Dash Bash, far-left squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would not give a straight answer, saying that she’d “take a look at it” when the time came.

Former Obama White House adviser, David Axelrod, does not think Biden should run for re-election, citing the president’s age as a major concern. DNC member Steve Simeonidis agreed, but for the reason that our country is not on the right track.

Not only has Biden’s support from Democrats been slipping, but the entire party faces a crisis as they trail Republicans up and down the ballot. In a recent Rasmussen report, Republicans continue to hold a lead in the Generic Congressional Ballot as the 2022 midterm election rears its head around the corner. Before 2018, Democrats held a four-point advantage in the generic ballot question, although recently Republicans now carry a five-point lead, down four points from last week when they were up by nine points.

Trump-endorsed candidates are replacing the so-called “RINOS.” Liz Cheney, who is on the January 6 House select committee, has seen her disapproval rating jump to 72% after voting to impeach Trump. Five-term incumbent representative for South Carolina, Tom Rice, lost his re-election bid to a Trump-endorsed candidate, Russell Fry, after Rice also voted to impeach the former president.

As voters put up with high inflation, skyrocketing food and gas prices, with no recourse from this administration short of being told to “just buy an electric vehicle,” they are splitting from the Democratic Party. Hispanics are now evenly split between both parties, per the WSJ, narrowing the once taken-for-granted lead Democrats thought they had over the demographic.