An Ex Federal Agent May Have Known About Mass Shooting In Advance

( According to a shocking allegation, authorities think a former federal agent from Texas knew about the Buffalo mass shooter’s diabolical plan a half-hour before it happened.

According to The Buffalo News, which cited two law enforcement officials with firsthand knowledge of the case, the former agent was one of at least six persons who interacted with the gunman in a chatroom where white supremacy was addressed. The sources did not provide the former agent’s identity or the federal agency he had previously worked.

One of the individuals told the newspaper that these were like-minded people who utilized this chat room to discuss their common interests in racial hate, replacement theory, and hatred of anyone Jewish, a person of color, or not of European origin. What’s more troubling is that these six people were given early knowledge of the Buffalo shooting, some 30 minutes before it happened.

The 18-year-old gunman murdered ten people and injured at least three more in a supermarket attack on May 14. According to authorities, he traveled three hours to the location, which he picked because it was popular with black people.

In addition, the gunman, who has been apprehended and is being detained in custody, is said to have written a twisted blog online in which he expressed his racial views, sympathy for radical environmentalism, and hate for Fox News.

The Buffalo News could not discover whether the retired agent accepted the invitation to the chat room where the accused gunman described his heinous plan. However, the FBI confirmed that no one frequented the chatroom and contacted law enforcement to warn them of the impending slaughter.

According to the two individuals, the bureau is tracking down the six persons, including the retired agent, to question them and see if they may be prosecuted.

The gunman had invited a small number of individuals into a secret chat room on the messaging app Discord about 30 minutes before the killing. Fifteen individuals accepted the suspect’s invitation into the chat room, where they were able to evaluate his strategy and watch his live stream footage.