Anderson Cooper Claims News Networks Want A “Civil War” – Except For CNN

( As part of CNN’s day-long celebration of the anniversary of their high ratings on January 6, host Anderson Cooper told the half-dozen people who were watching that “other networks” were actively promoting civil war.

Cooper claimed that a lot of people are throwing around the term “civil war” and there are podcasters who “seem to” delight in the idea of society’s destruction. And worse, said Cooper, some of those podcasters and people on “other networks” have probably not served in the military.

Naturally, Anderson Cooper provided no examples of these civil-war promoters to back up his claim that this is happening. But since when has CNN been a network concerned with facts?

Cooper made this evidence-free accusation during his January 6 anniversary celebration special featuring a panel of Democrat lawmakers.

Cooper asked Congressmen Jason Crow and Ruben Gallego, both combat veterans, what they thought about these unnamed people whom Cooper claims are advocating for civil war.

Of course, it’s entirely hypothetical since Cooper presented not a single specific person who is doing this alleged civil war cheerleading.

But that didn’t stop Cooper. Pointing out that both Congressmen had served in the military and had seen civil war up close and personal, Cooper asked them if they thought these unnamed hypothetical people should even be entertaining the idea of civil war.

Congressman Gallego, undeterred by the lack of facts, told Cooper these hypothetical, non-existent people should absolutely not be advocating for civil war.

Say, remember when CNN did its “Facts First” ad campaign? Turns out they set the bar way too high for themselves.

According to the Daily Wire, a review of transcripts from Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network revealed not one single instance of anyone promoting civil war and the destruction of society.