Anderson Cooper Leaves Show Suddenly

( Last week, CNN host Anderson Cooper made a brief appearance on his prime time show to announce the birth of his second son before turning the reins over to guest host John Berman.

Cooper, who is gay, opened Thursday’s “Anderson Cooper 360” by announcing the arrival of his new baby son Sebastian. He displayed pictures of his new baby alongside his other son, 21-month old Wyatt.

The CNN host also said his former partner Benjamin Maisani is taking legal steps to adopt Wyatt, so both children would have the last name “Cooper-Maisani.” Though they are no longer a couple, both Cooper and Maisani will raise both children as a family.

Last year, Anderson Cooper told People Magazine that, though their relationship may be “unusual,” he always knew Maisani would make a great father. So even though they are no longer together, both he and Maisani see themselves as family.

Cooper also expressed his thanks to the surrogate who carried his baby.

With his on-air baby announcement over, Cooper said he was taking time off then he turned over the rest of his show to John Berman.

Unlike Pete Buttigieg who needed two months off for “paternity leave,” Cooper will only be off the air until next week.

Watch HERE.