Anderson Cooper Makes Ron DeSantis Look Foolish

( — In a recent interview with Fox News host Will Cain, Governor Ron DeSantis said he doesn’t consider polling this early in the race to be a problem for his campaign, noting that he isn’t running to “juice polling now” but to win the primaries.

DeSantis noted that his campaign for president had only begun in late May, and predicted that by the time the primaries roll around, his support in the polls will increase significantly the more Americans learn about his successes in Florida.

The Florida governor said that the media and the leftist establishment are attacking him more than they are Donald Trump because he is the Republican candidate with the best chance of defeating Joe Biden in 2024.

In response to the interview, CNN host Anderson Cooper claimed that DeSantis was blaming the media for his current polling, Mediaite reported.

Cooper complained that the popular Florida governor refuses to appear on hostile outlets like CNN, choosing instead to appear on “friendly conservative outlets.”

But DeSantis is currently running for the Republican nomination. Which outlets are more likely to reach Republican primary voters? CNN? Or “friendly conservative outlets?”

Cooper also took issue with DeSantis saying the mainstream media wants Donald Trump to win the nomination, arguing that the polls show that a plurality of Republican voters support Trump.

But who conducts these polls? The mainstream media.

Cooper then invited former Congressman Adam Kinzinger and far-left CNN contributor Van Jones on his show to discuss the DeSantis campaign.

When asked why DeSantis would blame the media for his polling, Kinzinger claimed that the Florida governor takes his “cues” from Donald Trump by never taking responsibility.

Kinzinger also complained about DeSantis not appearing on CNN.

Van Jones called it “sad” that after there was so much hype for DeSantis, he failed to unseat Trump in the polls six months before the primaries begin.

It is worth noting that in 2007, Hillary Clinton, like Trump today, was considered the presumptive nominee in 2008. In November 2007, just three months before the primaries began, Clinton enjoyed a 27-point lead over the eventual nominee Barack Obama in the Gallup poll.

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