Andrew Cuomo Uses God As A Political Weapon: “God Isn’t Finished With Me…”

( If you thought being accused of sexually harassing and abusing women was enough to make Andrew Cuomo leave politics…then think again.

The disgraced former governor of New York made his first public appearance since he resigned last Sunday, preaching at a church in Brooklyn that God isn’t finished with him yet.

Whatever that means.

During the speech, Cuomo categorically refused to admit that he sexually harassed or abused any woman – something he has refused to do since the beginning of the controversy. He also wrongly claimed that he has been exonerated because no charges were brought against him, despite the fact that the charges simply couldn’t go ahead because of a lack of evidence.

It doesn’t mean he was exonerated.

He told the crowd that he wasn’t aware that the way he behaved with women made them feel uncomfortable, but also accused New York state Attorney General Letitia James – who conducted an investigation into allegations against him – of committing “prosecutorial misconduct.”

“The press roasted me, my colleagues were ridiculed, my brother was fired. It was ugly. It was probably the toughest time of my life,” he said in the speech, hoping to win people over.

He added that he hasn’t fully spoken about the controversy because he wanted to talk about it in the church.

“I haven’t spoken about it in public yet because I wanted to talk about it here with you because God’s guidance is helping me through,” he said.

Come on, really?

He also indicated that he may run for political office again, telling people that instead of canceling him, they should “cancel federal gridlock, cancel the incompetence, cancel the infighting, cancel crime, cancel homelessness,” and so on.

It was clearly an indication that he is returning to politics. Let’s just hope the Democrats don’t let him back in.