Ann Coulter Slams The “2000 Mules” Movie As A Giant Grift

( Ann Coulter incurred the wrath of die-hard Trump supporters last week after she published a scathing column criticizing Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2000 Mules” on Substack.

In her column, “Dinesh’s Stupid Movie,” Coulter takes aim at what she describes as the “grift” surrounding former President Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

She hammers Trump for exploiting supporters to raise $250 million allegedly to “Stop the Steal,” noting that it was just another “swindle” like Steve Bannon’s “We Build the Wall” fundraising effort.

She attacks Trump for spending the money on a new private plane and paying people to speak at the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally, noting that Don Junior’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle received $60,000 to deliver a 2-minute speech introducing Junior.

Some of the money raised to fight voter fraud was in reality given to Trump’s allies who then set up foundations.

Then Coulter turns her attention to the movie “2000 Mules,” citing the previous criticisms made about the claims in the film.

She notes that cellphone tracking can’t distinguish between cellphones belonging to so-called “mules” and those belonging to people who have a perfectly legitimate reason to walk near the ballot drop boxes.

She points out that in all five states featured in D’Souza’s movie, second parties are permitted to drop off ballots for others to one degree or another.

She also reiterates that if these “mules” were dropping off ballots, that alone doesn’t mean the ballots were illegitimate.

Coulter then explains that there is a perfectly logical reason Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, namely, that white men, the one demographic that secured Trump’s victory in 2016, had abandoned him in 2020.

She argues that Trump’s loss was of his own making because he failed to follow through on the 2016 campaign promises that won him the White House. Rather than build the promised wall, Trump “was busy sucking up to Wall Street, Kim Kardashian, RINOs, Silicon Valley, the gun-grabbers and illegal aliens.”