Another GOP Governor Might Run For President

( — North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum is considering entering the increasingly crowded GOP Presidential contest. The Governor is said to be recording videos to announce his intentions and will release these in the coming weeks. Burgum is popular in his home state and won re-election in 2020 by a convincing margin and with an approval rating of 58%.

In an interview with Inforum in May, Burgum said he knows he would enter the race as an outsider but is undaunted as he was also a long shot when he put himself forward for Governor of North Dakota. He added that it is difficult for a contender from such a small state to resonate with people nationally because “There is a geographical bigotry that exists.”

Burgum was considered a dark horse when he challenged Wayne Stenehjem, the GOP’s favored candidate, in 2016. He had no endorsements and was running with 10% support, but romped home to victory. Now he says being considered a rank outsider is an advantage. “There’s a value to being underestimated all the time,” he said.

If he does decide to run, he will address energy as one of the most crucial policy areas. He said this should not be driven by regulation but by innovation.

Doug Burgum started as a tech entrepreneur when he founded Great Plains Software in 1983. He later sold the company to Microsoft for $1.1 billion. He is a staunch supporter of the fossil fuel industry and has criticized the White House for its “climate change” agenda. He said the oil and gas industry employs thousands in North Dakota and contributes around half its tax revenue.

He is also one of the fiercest opponents of “woke” culture. While he condemns anti-gay language, he also signed legislation in April preventing the distribution of so-called puberty blockers to children and prohibiting body-altering surgeries. He likewise supported moves to stop people from using restrooms intended for the opposite biological gender.

The Governor signed a near-total abortion ban in 2022.

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