Another Republican Representative Loses Primary Election, Making It 5 In Total

( Changes are coming to the Republican Party in Florida.

Following Tuesday’s primaries in the state, there will be one new member in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Republican freshmen Representative Ross Spano lost his district’s primary. That makes him the fifth incumbent Republican to be voted out of the House this election cycle, and the eighth House member to lose their seat in the primary elections. That’s twice the number for the last election cycle in 2018.

Spano lost to Lakeland-based Commissioner Scott Franklin in Florida’s 15th congressional district. That district is nestled in between Orlando and Tampa. It’s a heavy conservative district that has voted Republican in just about every election since 1983.

Franklin was backed by Matt Gaetz from the state’s 1st congressional district. Gaetz is a staunch ally of President Donald Trump. Spano had some prominent backers as well, including Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

Following his victory, Franklin said:

“I look at tonight as just the first step. This is not done for November.”

Part of the reason why voters may have ousted Spano is the Department of Justice is investigating him for potential violations in regard to campaign finance. Spano admitted in 2018 that he borrowed $180,000 from two of his friends and used $167,000 of it for his congressional campaign. He designated that sum as “personal funds.”

As he said in 2019:

“As I’ve said before, we acknowledged that mistakes were made with respect to the campaign loans, but those mistakes were completely inadvertent and unintentional. We were the ones who self-reported this to the F.E.C. We are confident that upon review, the Justice Department will see it that way, too.”

In another Florida primary, Laura Loomer won the Republican primary for the state’s 21st congressional district. That district includes the Mar-a-Lago resort and West Palm Beach.

Loomer got a lot of attention by attacking America’s recent cultural changes online. She also attacked Democrats quite heavily, too.

Loomer’s district is very Democratic, though, so she is not expected to unseat Lois Frankel, the incumbent Representative who’s expected to win handily in November’s General Election.

Still, Loomer is sure to make some headlines leading up to that election. She was endorsed by Alex Jones, who is a conspiracy-theorist.

Facebook has banned Loomer – as have other social media platforms – for comments she made that were anti-Muslim. In the past, she has called Islam “a cancer on humanity.” She wants to ban Muslims from holding political office in the United States.

She also has expressed her thoughts on immigrants being allowed to drive for ride-sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber. On Twitter, she once wrote:

“Someone needs to create a non Islamic form of Uber or Lyft because I never want to support another Islamic immigrant driver.”

Following her victory in the Republican primary this week, Trump extended congratulations to her. He tweeted:

“Great going Laura. You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet!”