Antifa Infiltrate School Class, With Photos To Prove It

( — A group of Antifa members infiltrated a school class that was hosting a Turning Point USA event at the University of Oregon, according to The Post Millennial. The event featured speakers “MAGA Hulk” Stephen Davis and Olympic skeleton racer Anthony Watson.

A video that circulated social media shows Davis engaging with one of the members whose intent was to silence the conservative speakers. One of the young men who sat in the back with black bloc clothing on called Davis’ speech “boring.”

“Well, you can bore your way outta here,” Davis replied. “We’re adults are we not?”

“No no, I’m here to distract,” the masked Antifa member admitted. “We just don’t support this kind of—we don’t want this on our college campuses.”

Davis had told the bloc members to leave the classroom if they did not like what was being said, but the kids refused, instead saying that the conservatives were lying and spreading wrong information, adding that the type of rhetoric being used made the “world unsafe for people.”

MAGA Hulk then decided to strike back with a leftist trope, wondering if the interrupters were actually supposed to “uplift black voices.” The Antifa member was silent and struggled to find an answer before saying that he was there to disrupt.

“Are you supposed to uplift black voices?” Davis asked again.

“Not in every situation,” the masked disruptor admitted.

Campus officers arrived shortly politely asking Antifa to leave. One woman could be heard saying that that was an example of fascism as a hand was placed on the camera recording the group.

Popular Antifa reporter and The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Andy Ngo was locked out of his Twitter account for reporting that the extremist group was going to attempt to disrupt the TPUSA event. However, the tweet coming from Antifa, which is what Ngo reportedly used to gather information, was left up.

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