AOC Just Bragged About Blocking Security For Supreme Court Justices

( On Thursday, Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who represents New York’s 14th congressional district, praised her efforts to stop legislation from being passed that would have increased police security for Supreme Court justices and their families and mentioned failed attempts to implement new gun control regulations.

Ocasio-Cortez uploaded a video to her Instagram Stories showing her rushing to the House of Representatives floor to object to unanimous consent for legislation.

The House must now vote on the bill after the Senate approved it in May. Following the Wednesday arrest of a man suspected of plotting to kill Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court, the bill has gained more significance.

According to Ocasio-Cortez, Thursday was a “fly-out day,” suggesting that many Congress members were departing Washington, D.C., and taking off for their home districts. She claimed that fly-out days are also times when party leaders, including those in the Democratic and Republican Parties, are up to their biggest mischief.

The day after gun safety legislation for schools, children, and people was stalled, she remarked, she woke up and started to hear rumors that there would be an attempt to pass the Supreme Court Supplemental Protection Bill.

She was put off by the thought of passing protections for judges but not passing protections for regular people?”

Nicholas John Roske was detained close to Justice Kavanaugh’s Maryland residence. According to reports, he had a gun, ammo, a knife, pepper spray, a screwdriver, zip ties, and other tools. He is accused of trying to abduct or threatening to kill a U.S. judge.

A disagreement between Democrats and Republicans over language House Democrats want to add to the bill that would extend protections to the families of other Court staff members, such as clerks, has caused the legislation to increase protections for the nine justices, their families, and Court staff to stall. On the Democratic proposal, no consensus has been reached.

According to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the bill will probably be put to the vote in the House the following week. Despite the bill’s failure to pass, she claimed that the justices were still secured.

Pelosi stated, “There will be a bill, but nobody is at risk over the weekend because we don’t have a law.”