Apple Threatens To Ban Parler (REPORT)

( Tech giant Apple is reportedly threatening to ban free speech social media network Parler following the tragic outburst of violence at a pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

Parler, which is similar to Twitter in functionality but totally different in terms of outlook, is being pushed by Apple and Google Play, a rival app store on the Android ecosystem, to ban pro-Trump users. The move comes as far-left extremists continue a #PullParler campaign on Twitter designed to pressure the big companies to remove the platform from the app store.

It’s a targeted move that, if successful, would deny conservatives the chance to engage on social media platforms on modern mobile platforms. Without access to Parler on the Apple or Google app stores, conservatives would be required to use the services through browsers…for as long as the browsers support the website.

Federalist reporter Sean Davis said that Apple was pushing Parler to implement “draconian censorship policies” that would stop people expressing conservative ideas in order to stay on the app store.

It would fly in the face of Parler’s entire promise of supporting the free expression and exchange of ideas.

Some conservatives floated the concept of “App Neutrality” in response to the news, with conservative author Jack Buckby writing that the idea was first pushed by BlackBerry CEO in 2015.

Apple and Google have such great power over the success of mobile applications because the vast majority of smartphone users globally use their two mobile operating systems.

Parler CEO told the press that most of the content that Apple found objectionable and worthy of banning the app from their platform had already been banned by the time they had reached out.

“The entities pressuring Apple to remove Parler are doing so out of political motivation,” John Matze added. “They seem to be entirely against the concept of free speech and against democratic ideas such as debate and discourse. Apple seems intent on being the enforcement arm of Big Tech’s anti-competitive practices. Ignore Facebook go after Parler.”

“Please remove all objectionable content from your app and submit your revised binary for review,” a note from Apple’s Resolution Center said.

“Such content includes any content similar to the examples attached to this message, as well as any content referring to harm to people or attacks on government facilities now or at any future date.”

Without a Republican presidency or Congress, is there any hope that Big Tech and social media censorship will be resolved any time soon?