Arizona Resident Is SUING To Stop Kanye Being On November Ballot Paper

( Yes, Kanye West is still running for president. The news this week is that a resident of Arizona is suing to stop West from appearing on the ballot for the November 3 election, arguing that the rapper isn’t really a candidate but is serving as an “election spoiler.” The resident argues that the law, therefore, prohibits him from running as an independent in the election.

Regardless of the claims, however, West has successfully filed the necessary paperwork to appear on the ballot in November. His lawyer reportedly filed some 58,000 signatures on Wednesday from state residents, which was well above the minimum 39,000 required for an independent candidate to appear on the ballot paper.

Arizona resident Rasean Clayton filed a suit on Monday saying that West isn’t able to run in the election as an independent because he is a registered Republican. State law, according to Clayton’s lawyers in a suit filed on Monday, says that a person can run as an independent candidate in a presidential election so long as they are not registered with a recognized political party and they achieve the right amount of signatures to support their candidacy.

It means that even though West has managed to get the required signatures, his registered Republican status could work against him. It lends to the argument that he is running as a “spoiler,” meaning he may be attempting to take votes from an opposing party in order to help the Republicans.

“West will not be able to qualify for the ballot in enough states to muster enough electoral votes to prevail,” lawyers wrote in the suit. “West’s minimal interest in playing a spoiler candidate on Arizona’s ballot is not enough to outweigh the factors favoring emergency relief.”

Sounds like they’re really scared of West taking votes from the Democrats and helping Donald Trump win re-election in November. Which is probably not surprising to anybody who has been watching Biden’s mess of a campaign (and the derogatory comments he has repeatedly made about black Democrat voters).

Clayton’s lawyers argued that it is important the lawsuit is resolved quickly given that the deadline for the ballots to be printed for Arizona is September 8 and 9. That means if a decision isn’t made in the coming days, West will appear on the ballots anyway.

Clayton has not responded to media questions about his political allegiances, so it is still unclear whether he has any connections to the state Democratic Party. He claims that he filed the case because he doesn’t want people to “get confused voting on ballots that have disqualified people listed with everyone else who followed the law.”