Assassination THREAT – Top Republican Targeted!

Governor Candidate’s Life Threatened

( – A man from Chicago has been detained and prosecuted after police claim he threatened a Republican gubernatorial candidate in voicemails.

Scott Lennox, 21, allegedly threatened to “skin Darren Bailey alive” in a message, according to a document from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. This would happen after he “murdered his entire family.”

Lennox warned, “He better kill himself, and if he doesn’t, I’m going to murder him.”
In addition, Lennox called Bailey, an Illinois state senator running against Democrat J.B. Pritzker for governor, a racist white person and claimed to know where Bailey and his kids’ sleep.

Lennox’s phone number was visible on the caller id, and when Illinois Secretary of State Police agents visited him at home, he admitted to making the calls. Police did not make an arrest or take him in for more interrogation.

It was only after Illinois State Police learned about the threat that Lennox was taken into custody.

Lennox was accused of harassing two people and threatening a public officer, both felonies. If found guilty, he may spend up to 11 years in prison.

In a statement to news organizations, Bailey claimed that divisive, provocative, and false rhetoric spread animosity across our state as some attempt to portray political opponents as deadly dangers.

He said that we are all Americans, regardless of how we feel about specific policies, and he hopes this young man receives the care he requires. To ensure the security and prosperity of every Illinoisan, he said the state must unite.

“The violent speech and divide we’re seeing across our country is unacceptable,”

Pritzker said in response to the arrest. Illinois is not a place for hatred in any form.
According to the state attorney’s office, a bond was decided at a hearing on November 2 at a sum of $75,000. Lennox was given orders to stay away from Bailey and her family, refrain from owning firearms, and refrain from posting obscene or threatening anything on social media.

Lennox’s public defender, Suzin Farber, observed that the defendant had no criminal record and no firearms. According to her, no effort was made to “follow through” on the threats.

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