Author Alleges That Bill Gates Is Buying Up Property And Threatening Small Farmers

( — In the new book “Controligarchs,” which takes aim at the so-called “billionaire class” for using their wealth to control the levers of power, author Seamus Bruner directs much of his fire at Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Fox News reported.

According to Bruner, Gates’ investments in US farmland, patented fertilizers, and synthetic meat aren’t designed to save the planet from climate change but to enrich his bank account while gaining control of food production.

Bruner, an investigative reporter whose investigative work prompted multiple congressional probes and FBI investigations into the Clinton and Biden families, told Fox News that his research into Bill Gates revealed that he is doing more to increase his net worth than he is to decrease carbon emissions.

He said the push to ban cattle and create meat alternatives would effectively grant monopolies to alternative protein companies in which investors like Gates, along with Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, are heavily invested.

He told Fox that pushing for fake meat is less about saving the planet and more about gaining control over the food market.

In one chapter, Bruner outlines what he describes as the billionaire class’s “war on farmers,” arguing that billionaires like Bill Gates are trying to take over the food system as a way to monopolize the nation’s food supply.

The book compares the effort to other billionaire monopolies like the oil industry, big tech, and biotechnology, explaining that billionaires like Gates want to control “the intellectual property of food production” through patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Meanwhile, as Gates invests in fertilizer, seeds, and alternative protein sources, he has also spent over a decade “quietly buying up large swaths of American farmland,” Bruner writes.

In total, Gates has invested more than $1 billion in farmland. However, Gates is buying more than just the acreage. He is also purchasing the rights to the water beneath it while seeking “sizeable interests” in water treatment, which is crucial in controlling the agricultural industry.

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