Author BANNED From EU – Labeled A “Terrorist”

EU Bans Famous Author, Calls Him A “Terrorist”

( – According to David Icke’s son, Gareth Icke, the author of Conspiracy, has been given a “category three terrorist” designation and denied entry into the European Union.

The BBC’s public speaker and former television personality were scheduled to attend an event in Amsterdam this coming weekend; however, it has been claimed that he will now be barred from visiting any country in the European Union for two years.

“Had a message sent to me from the Dutch. According to a tweet that my brother Gareth Icke sent, “My dad, David Icke, has been given a two-year entry ban from the EU.” ‘They allege that he is a ‘category three terrorist,'” he went on to say.

In another one of his tweets, Icke stated, “The old man is banned from entering the Netherlands. Zero convictions, zero crimes committed. Banned by the government.

Icke was supposed to speak at a gathering titled Together for the Netherlands, but activist groups on the far left filed a complaint with the government and urged that he be prevented from entering the country.

An application made by the municipality of Amsterdam to the Dutch IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) “to explore whether Icke can be barred entry to the nation” was allegedly heard and granted.

The town alleged that Icke had made anti-Semitic sentiments in the past that were reprehensible and highly harmful, but it did not provide any particular examples to support its claim.

If Icke had been granted entry into the nation, the same body demanded that his speech at the event “be closely watched by the Public Prosecutor to assess whether criminal comments are being made.”
The Dutch parliament also held hearings to discuss the occurrence, and questions were raised there.

It remains to be revealed what justification Dutch officials actually used to ban Icke from speaking in the country, as well as why the ban supposedly applies to the entirety of the European Union.

Icke had his platform removed in the past from a number of Big Tech companies because he opposed mandatory lockdowns and vaccinations.

Several responses to the news claimed that Icke had been expelled from the World Economic Forum (WEF) due to his open criticism of former Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his involvement inside the WEF.

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