Bankruptcy Judge Reminds Rudy Giuliani Of The Wrath Of His Creditors

( — A New York bankruptcy judge declined to rule on a motion filed by Rudy Giuliani’s creditors that would have forced him to sell his Florida condo.

In a hearing last Thursday, Judge Sean Lane said while there was “significant” concern that the former New York City mayor was spending money on the Palm Beach condo that could be used to pay his creditors, he would, for now, not compel Giuliani to sell the $3.5 million residence.

Giuliani declared bankruptcy late last year after a Georgia jury awarded two election workers $148 million in their defamation lawsuit against the former Trump lawyer, who falsely accused the two women of election fraud.

Giuliani agreed to sell his roughly $5 million Manhattan apartment to help pay his creditors but in a March 28 motion, Giuliani’s attorneys asked the court to allow him to retain the Palm Beach residence, arguing that the former mayor uses the location to record his podcast and noting the “prohibitive” cost of seeking “alternative housing” in New York.

Since his bankruptcy, Giuliani has faced demands from a variety of creditors claiming the former mayor owed them, including a grocery store employee who was arrested for patting Giuliani on the back, and Hunter Biden, who accused the Trump lawyer of illegally sharing the data from his abandoned laptop.

Rachel Biblo Block, the attorney representing some of Giuliani’s creditors, told the judge that the former mayor spent roughly $160,000 on taxes and maintenance fees for his Florida condo since filing for bankruptcy, which amounted to much more than the $8,000 a month estimate given by Giuliani’s lawyers.

Block argued that those payments were depleting Giuliani’s already limited assets, which include a retirement account worth $1 million and roughly $15,000 in cash.

Although the judge suggested that he would not force Giuliani to sell the Florida condo, he did hint that he may impose further “draconian” measures on the former mayor if he fails to comply with requests about his spending. Among the measures the judge suggested was appointing a trustee to oversee Giuliani’s finances.

The judge scheduled another for May 14.

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