Barack Obama: Rich People Like Me Can Pay More Taxes

( In an effort to help Joe Biden drag the $3.5 trillion carcass over the finish line, former President Barack Obama sat down with ABC’s Robin Roberts for an interview on Good Morning America.

During the interview, Obama praised Joe’s “Build Back Better” slogan, which Obama got wrong and called “Build Back America Program.” Ah, well. Points for effort.

Obama said this slogan masquerading as an agenda is something the country “desperately needs.”

Yeah. We need it like a hole in the head.

Obama claimed that this onerous spending bill ostensibly paid for on the backs of the “rich” is about “stepping up and spending money” to provide a laundry list of entitlements that amount to cradle-to-grave government dependence. And Obama actually thinks that’s a good thing.

Of course he does. Remember, it was his 2012 campaign that made that ridiculous video about the Life of Julia – the cartoon woman whom government took care of from the moment she was born until the moment she died.

Total government dependence is central to Barack Obama’s view of the world.

Barack also took issue with the “headline price tag,” pointing out that the $3.5 trillion isn’t over one single year, rather it is “spread out over a number of years.” As if that’s supposed to make the $3.5 trillion price tag any less horrifying.

Obama argued that there’s no reason for Americans to suffer sticker shock. After all, the entire $3.5 trillion will be “paid for” by “asking the wealthiest of Americans” to “pay a few percentage points more in taxes.”

Oh, so we’re only “asking” them. Sure, Barack. Does that mean if the wealthiest of Americans say “no thanks,” the Government will simply shrug and say, “Oh, well. We tried.”

They’re not being “asked” to pay more in taxes. They will be forced to pay more in taxes.

Obama scoffed at anyone who “pretends that it’s a hardship for billionaires to pay a little bit more in taxes.”

This is a straw man argument.

Nobody is arguing that it’s a “hardship.” They are arguing that the wealthy already pay the majority of taxes the federal government takes in. Half the country pays no taxes at all. To demand that only a small segment of the population be responsible for funding an unsustainable $3.5 trillion spending bill amounts to theft.

Then, and here’s the point he wanted to get to, Barack bragged about the fact that he is among these “wealthiest of Americans.” And he certainly can afford to pay more in taxes.

Barack loves to remind us all that he’s rich, doesn’t he?

Problem is, there aren’t enough “wealthiest of Americans” to cover the cost of this monstrosity. Because once this becomes law, the spending just keeps going and going and going. It creates all new entitlements – like permanent monthly child credit payments, “free” preschool, “free” college. The initial $3.5 trillion may be spread out over a few years, but those new entitlements will never end.

Eventually, the country will run out of the money taken from the “wealthiest of Americans.” And when that happens, every single American will be “asked” to pay a few percentage points more.