Benny Hill Returns To Television After 20 Years

( The Benny Hill Show, a famous 1970s comedy television show that often featured semi-clothed young women and politically incorrect comedy, has made a comeback.

As the far left gets crazier by the day over comedy they don’t like, a British TV channel called “That’s TV Gold,” which will rebrand as “That’s TV Christmas” for the festive season, has gained the right to air the show and has already begun airing the show.

The show is made up of a series of risqué sketches. It was first produced by the BBC in the United Kingdom, later moving to ITV. It aired for over four decades, starting in 1955, and was eventually dropped by Thames TV in 1989 as executives feared that the comedy may be considered vulgar, sexist, or inappropriate.

The rights to the show were controlled by Benny Hill’s estate after he passed away in 1992, and has not been licensed to any channel since then. Decades later, it’s finally coming back to our screens.

If you’ve never seen this legendary British TV show, take a look at the clip below uploaded by the That’s TV Christmas Twitter page.

Benny Hill was an early victim of wokeness, back when it was known as political correctness. His cross dressing, slapstick comedy, and genuinely funny gags were criticized by those who claimed that what he was doing was derogatory or offensive – despite his huge popularity.

When Thames TV canceled the show, Hill had earned the TV network some £100million for the network and the final episode of the show attracted 9.58 million viewers.

Let’s hope this return to TV inspires more comics to be funny again.