Bernie Sanders Compelled to Intervene Between GOP Senator and Teamster Boss

( — Oklahoma Senator Markwayne Mullin on Tuesday challenged a witness to a fight during a hearing of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, forcing Chairman Bernie Sanders to plead for calm, ABC News reported.

In a post on Twitter in June, the witness, Teamsters President Sean O’Brien, called out the Oklahoma Republican as a “fraud” and a “clown” and challenged Mullin to a fight “any place, anytime, cowboy.”

Mullin, a former MMA fighter, used his time during the hearing to confront O’Brien over some of the combative tweets the Teamsters President directed at him. He read off the tweet in question, telling O’Brien, “Sir, this is a time; this is a place.” He suggested that if O’Brien wanted to run his mouth, as “two consenting adults,” the two of them could “finish it here.”

O’Brien said that would be “perfect.” When Mullin asked if O’Brien wanted to “do it right now,” the Teamster President said he would love to.

Mullin then stood up and told O’Brien to “stand your butt up then.”

A flustered Chairman Sanders banged the gavel and instructed Senator Mullin to sit back down.

Reminding Mullin that they were in a hearing, Sanders suggested that the American public already views Congress with contempt.

However, neither Mullin nor O’Brien stopped.

Mullin said he didn’t like “thugs and bullies,” prompting O’Brien to suggest that Mullin just described himself.

Sanders again pleaded with them to stop, saying that the committee wasn’t there to “talk about physical abuse.”

Senator Mullin told reporters later that he doesn’t have a “beef” with O’Brien. Instead, he was only responding to O’Brien’s tweet calling for the two to fight.

“I didn’t start it,” Mullin said.

He added that the dispute wasn’t about policy or politics. It was only about “a guy who called me out,” and he responded.

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