Biden Admin To Change Food Labels

The Food and Drug Administration plans to research and propose a standardized front-of-package labeling system so consumers can better understand the nutrition information.

Yes, because heaven forbid consumers just turn the package over and read the nutrition information printed on the back.

In May, President Biden declared to end hunger by 2030 by boosting healthy eating and exercise in hopes of reducing the number of Americans suffering from heart disease, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.

In late August, Democrat Senator Cory Booker sent a letter to Domestic Policy Council director, Susan Rice, demanding greater transparency in food packaging labels, citing Democrat legislation proposed last year requiring front-of-package labeling that would include warnings about salt, sugar, and saturated fat content, as well as requiring online food retailers to provide nutrition information on packages.

In announcing the front-of-label proposal last week, the White House explained that consumers can make healthier choices if they don’t have to take the extra step of looking at the back of the package.

Okay, they didn’t put it exactly like that.

According to one White House official, this little label change will “shift our health care system away from just treating disease to preventing it.”

Who knew the solution was so easy?

This administration truly does believe the country is populated by half-wits.

The FDA also plans to propose an update to the nutrition criteria for claiming a product is “healthy.”

In addition to moving the labels from the front to the back, the Biden administration is also increasing the monthly SNAP food stamp amount by $26 per person on average. The White House also plans to expand access to school meals for another 9 million students by 2032 and expand eligibility for the SNAP food assistance program.