Biden Administration Gave Evil Criminals Stimlus Checks – And Now They Want Them Back

( It seems like yesterday that Democrats were dismissing concerns from Republican legislators that COVID stimulus checks were being sent to prison inmates and terrorists, and court documents just proved that Democrats were wrong to dismiss those concerns.

Fox News Digital recently reported that the federal government is suing sex traffickers and convicted murderers who received COVID stimulus checks, demanding that the money be paid back and used to pay restitution to the families of those who they hurt. The news outlet obtained and reviewed court documents that show how $1,400 checks were sent to some of the worst criminals in America – including Boston Marathon bomber Dzkohkar Tsarnaev.

Tsarnaev received the funds after President Joe Biden signed the stimulus into law, after reneging on the Republicans’ original plans to distribute a $2,000 check under the Trump administration.

An amendment was offered by Republican legislators Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, and Bill Cassidy which would have prevented prisoners from receiving the checks, but a party-line vote in the Senate (49-50) meant that the bill failed. That means the Democrats literally voted to give criminals free money.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Senator Bill Cassidy said that the Democrats’ insistence on sending out these checks to everybody – and their decision to block his amendment – was an “insult to victims.”

On Wednesday, federal officials in Wednesday filed a motion requesting that the court order the Boston bomber to hand over the money he received from the federal government, as well as any other funds in his inmate trust account, so that the funds can be distributed to the many victims to whom he currently owes more than $101 million. It’s a drop in the ocean, but it’s a start.

President Joe Biden has yet to issue an apology on behalf of his party for allowing terrorists and murderers to receive federal stimulus funds.