Biden Aide Secretly Hid Meetings With Soros And Hillary From Public

( – Gary Gensler, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), removed from the public version of his calendar the mention of a meeting with former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and essential information about an encounter with billionaire Democratic donor George Soros.

In contrast to his private calendar, which shows a meeting with Clinton, Gensler’s public calendar for August 7, 2021, only demonstrates a staff meeting. Additionally, on August 20, 2021, his public calendar notes a meeting with Soros but obscures the agenda, which his personal calendar reveals was to talk about a future Wall Street Journal op-ed the business tycoon planned to write.

The watchdog group, Energy Policy Advocates, obtained Gensler’s personal calendar, revealing inconsistencies. Only after suing the SEC under the Freedom of Information Act was the group able to get the internal documents.

Gensler’s meeting with Clinton in August 2021 was recently added to the agency’s public calendar. The meeting was not listed on the public calendar as of Wednesday, and older versions of the website from April only mention a meeting with staff.

In the initial response to a question, an SEC spokesperson claimed that the Clinton meeting was listed on the public calendar. The agency updates calendars “from time to time” when it learns that something is missing or incorrect, the spokesperson said in response to being sent a screen capture of the calendar showing the Clinton meeting wasn’t listed.

According to archived copies of Gensler’s public calendar, the SEC concealed meetings with former White House employee and Washington, D.C.-based consultant Minyon Moore in September 2021. These meetings are now included in the updated public calendar.

Two weeks after Gensler and Soros’ meeting, on September 6, 2021, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed that Soros had written. The reason for the August 20 meeting, according to Gensler’s personal calendar but not his public calendar, was “re: WSJ op-ed.”

Energy Policy Advocates lawyer Chris Horner says it is “astonishing” that George Soros received advice from SEC Chairman Gary Gensler on the mega-call donors for more SEC powers.

The SEC has never requested that anyone “draft or submit” any opinion pieces, but she would not comment on the meeting’s agenda. US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Gary Gensler’s consultation with Hillary Clinton was scrubbed from the public version of his calendar, according to Energy Policy Advocates director Tom Horner.

Horner said you can now understand why these internal versions are scrubbed.

The SEC is under fire for pushing a climate disclosure rule requiring publicly traded companies to share carbon emissions data.

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