Biden Announces All Military Vehicles Will Be Required To Use Green Energy

( President Joe Biden announced recently that he’s making even more moves toward a greener, cleaner environment.
Using Earth Day as his backdrop, the president said that all vehicles that are used in the entire American military will be “climate friendly.” It’s a move that will cost billions of dollars in federal funding.
Last week, Biden delivered remarks on Earth Day at Seward Park, which is located in Seattle, Washington. During the speech, the president talked about the efforts his administration is taking to address climate change, calling on Congress to make decisive action on it.
During that speech, Biden further said that the White House would be working so that “every vehicle” the military uses will be “climate friendly.”
He explained:
“One of the things I found out as president of the United States, I get to spend a lot of that money. We’re going to start the process where every vehicle in the United States military, every vehicle, is going to be climate-friendly. Every vehicle, I mean it.
“We’re spending billions of dollars to do it,” he continued, labeling this transition as something that’s “going to matter.”
Biden’s 2023 budget proposal, a $5.8 trillion package that he unveiled in March, included $773 billion that would go to the Department of Defense. The president described it as among the “largest investments in our national security in history,” with the funding ensuring that the military “remains the best-prepared, best-trained, best-equipped military in the world.”
To this point, the president didn’t provide any details about what making every vehicle in the military “climate friendly” actually means. But, he seems very committed to doing so sooner rather than later.
At the same time, Biden announced another major move toward climate-friendly vehicles. He announced that he recently met with various leaders of major automobile companies in the U.S., and that they agreed on a new “ambitious goal” of reaching half of all vehicles being electric by 2030.
He commented on the agreement:
“That’s the commitment they made. I didn’t make it for them. They made it because they realized what the future is.
“My view of this crisis, as I said, is a genuine opportunity, an opportunity to do things we wanted to do and only now become so apparent.”
Biden also signed an executive order on Earth Day that strengthening the conservation of forests that are on federal lands. Still, he said that “we have to move quickly” to address climate change in other areas.
He urged Congress to take action, saying:
“You know, my pen’s ready. My pen’s ready to sign. I’m anxious to sign this. Get some of these bills to my desk.
“With this executive order on Earth Day, we’re also showing this moment of maximum threat and urgency can also be a moment of enormous hope, an enormous opportunity.
“You know that we know that we carry in heart and mind the image of the ideal place, the right place, the one true home. I just think this is the beginning of a new day, and we’re going to just have to overtake the opposition.”