Biden Apparently Forgets He’s President, Asks “Where Is He?”

( During last week’s White House Congressional picnic, President Joe Biden told a joke that, for any other president, would have immediately been understood as a joke.

But for the senile old coot who frequently forgets where he is and the names of his cabinet members, not to mention repeatedly refers to his Vice President as the President, it was hard to tell if Joe was joking.

In his brief remarks, the president said that every time he heard “Hail to the Chief” he wondered “Where the hell is he?”

Yes, well, Joe Biden isn’t the only one wondering where the hell is the president?

Most Americans have been wondering that for the last 18 months.

As a baby formula shortage raged, Joe Biden was nowhere to be seen.

When the evacuation from Afghanistan turned into a catastrophe, Joe Biden hid at Camp David.

And after a Supreme Court justice was targeted for assassination, Joe Biden to this day has not stepped up to say a single word about it.

Where the hell is the president?

Wouldn’t we all like to know.

On the weekends at least, we know the answer is usually “in Delaware.”

Old Joe didn’t realize just how honest his lame joke was.

By now, most honest people understand that while he may have the title President of the United States, Joe Biden isn’t the guy in charge of this administration.

It is refreshing that the rarely coherent Joe seems to understand that.