Biden Attacks The “Squad” After They Humiliate Him

( While much is made of the so-called “civil war” within the Republican Party between Liz Cheney and pretty much everyone else, the real intraparty strife is happening on the other side of the aisle as Democrats fight Democrats over support for Israel.

On one side are those who consider Israel an “apartheid” state that is committing “genocide.” This “new” Democrat Party, typified by members of the so-called “Squad” have openly sided with the Iranian-back terror organization Hamas.

On the other side are the career, establishment Democrats who try to remain on the tightrope simultaneously voicing support for Israel while emboldening Israel’s enemies. These Democrats include the guy in the White House who seems completely unaware that his party has left him behind.

During his joint press conference with South Korean President Moon, President Biden was asked what his message was to those in his own party who want him to be more confrontational with Israel.

Rather than address the question, Biden denied that there was a difference of position within his party. Instead, he declared “My party still supports Israel.”

“Until the region says unequivocally they acknowledge the right of Israel to exist as an independent Jewish state, there will be no peace,” Biden explained.

The problem for President Biden is he is a relic of the past. His party is not his party. And a growing segment of elected Democrats and their voter base do not support Israel.

These new Democrats do not believe in “the right of Israel to exist as an independent Jewish state.” What’s more the new Democrat Party does not want peace with Israel at all.

And these new Democrats are becoming a vocal and powerful caucus in Congress.

It is possible of course that President Biden is not aware of the gaping chasm between his old world Democrat Party and the current far-Left “progressive” wing. It isn’t clear how much awareness Biden has at all.

And though the President is traditionally seen as the leader of his Party, when it comes to Israel, that is clearly not the case.

Last Friday, 140 progressive and socialist groups including Justice Democrats (who were instrumental in electing members of “The Squad”), MoveOn, the Working Families Party, and the Climate Change activists of the Sunrise Movement released a joint statement condemning Israel for its bombing of Gaza. They made no mention of Hamas firing over 4,000 rockets into Israel.

Likewise both Black Lives Matter and the Democrat Socialists of America also voiced their support for “Palestinians.”

Does Joe Biden’s party still support Israel?

From the look of it, not so much.