Biden Caught Aides “Off Guard” With Claim About Taiwan

( When Vice President Joe Biden stated that the United States would provide Taiwan with military protection if China attempted to take control of Taiwan by coercion, his administration officials were taken aback. CNN’s John Berman offered this opinion on Monday morning.

During his diplomatic tour to Asia, Vice President Biden attended a press conference on Japan. While he was taking questions from the audience, a reporter asked him speculatively if he wanted to militarily become involved in the Ukraine crisis. And then wondered if the time came, was he willing to get engaged with the military to defend Taiwan?

“Yes,” Biden said.

He said that we agree with the policy of One China. We decided on it, and subsequent deals were formed. The concept that Taiwan may be captured by force should never be entertained. It will be another move similar to Ukraine.

However, when Berman addressed the news at the beginning of New Day, he remarked that the United States maintains a “strategic ambiguity” policy regarding China’s claim that Taiwan is part of their sovereign territory. This policy responds to China’s assertion that Taiwan is part of their territory, which has been the subject of multiple clarifications in the past.

According to Berman, the statements that day “appear to be a little less vague.”

CNN has heard that the president’s statements took his senior advisers off guard, leading them to question whether or not they were deliberate. Already, they have issued some explanations for the situation. Beijing has also offered a rebuttal to the allegations just a short while ago.

Kevin Liptak of CNN was able to receive a statement from the White House in which it was stated unequivocally that the United States’ position “had not changed.”

The attempt by the White House to tone down Vice President Biden’s statement is reminiscent of what occurred nearly two months ago when President Trump was condemning Vladimir Putin for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the time, the White House attempted to tone down the president’s criticism of Putin. Biden vehemently emphasized that the Russian leader “cannot continue in power,” The White House maintained that Biden was not advocating for a “regime change” in Russia.