Biden Chief Of Staff Says They’re Not “Turning The Page” On COVID

( President Joe Biden’s White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain appears to have the same kind of angry temperament as he does and snapped at MSNBC anchor Jonathan Lemire on Tuesday.

Why? Because he suggested that the Biden administration is trying to “turn the page” on the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s obviously what the Biden administration and the Democrats more widely are trying to do, with the November midterm elections on the way and a likely wipeout for Democratic candidates all over the country.

“As much as the Biden administration wants to turn the page on COVID, this is the third time the virus has touched the West Wing in just over a week,” Lemire said on Twitter.

“And as cases surge in Europe, they are beginning to rise in the U.S. too – with growing fears of a new wave in a matter of weeks,” he said.

Well, first off, let’s just acknowledge how the left-wing media is already stirring up concerns about another “wave” of the virus. They seem absolutely intent on reverting back to a time of lockdowns and mandates.


Klain hit back at the comment, however, in his own tweet.

“We are not ‘turning the page’ on COVID,” he said.


“We are keeping businesses and schools open — and reducing hospital & ICU cases — by making vaccines, boosters, treatments and tests widely available. And we will continue to do so as long as Congress funds this work.”

Will they? Well, maybe. But presumably only after the midterm elections – and only if they’re able to maintain control of Congress.

Otherwise, they may just have to accept that locking people down and taking away Americans’ civil liberties and rights is generally not a vote-winner.