Biden Claims Queen Reminded Him Of His Mother, But Facts Say No

While in London for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, President Biden claimed that the Queen reminded him of his mother.

This isn’t the first time old Joe made this claim.

In 2021 while in the UK for the G-7 summit, Biden said the same thing to reporters after he and Jill Biden met with the Queen at Windsor Castle:

But according to a February 2022 article in The Guardian, Joe Biden once talked about how much his mother despised Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the article, Georgia Pritchett, the former executive producer of HBO’s comedy “VEEP,” said Biden had once told her that his mother hated England so much that she once slept on the floor of her hotel room rather than risk sleeping in the same bed in which Queen Elizabeth II had previously slept.

Apparently, old Joe wanted to play up his Irish roots in his discussion with Pritchett, who is British. So he recounted the time his Irish mother stayed in a UK hotel where the Queen once stayed. So appalled by the fact that the Queen had stayed there, Joe claimed his mother chose to sleep on the floor just in case the bed the Queen slept in was the one in her room.

Unless Joe Biden thinks the Queen was an embittered old hag who would go to such extraordinary lengths to inconvenience herself out of a personal grievance, how exactly does Queen Elizabeth II remind him of his mother?