Biden Claims White “Terrorism” Greatest Threat To America

( President Joe Biden made the odd suggestion on Tuesday that the United States was under siege by a wave of white supremacist terrorism, claiming that it is the “most lethal threat” facing the United States right now.

Biden cited the “intelligence community” but didn’t give any actual numbers of evidence to back up his claim. Instead, he just claimed that the most lethal threat to the homeland is “white supremacy.”

But he didn’t expand on t much beyond that.

The president appeared to be referring to a statement from current United States Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, who claimed in September last year that white supremacy was a “persistent and lethal threat” worse than all others. Then, in October last year, Homeland Security released a report showing that white supremacist radicalism accounted for a larger number of fatal attacks than other domestic violent extremist groups and that this has been the case since 2018.

The numbers are interesting, and while they do show that white supremacist extremism is an issue, it completely dismissed the billions of dollars in damage caused by left-wing extremists over the last year alone. Not only have several people died in left-wing riots through 2020, but the scale of the riots was like something that United States has never seen, and the economic impact caused by the riots was largely ignored too.

Perhaps Biden would have been wise to reference not just white supremacist extremism…but the arson, chaos, and loss of livelihoods caused by his own supporters through 2020.

It’s not the first time Biden has made this claim. He told Congress exactly the same back in April.

There’s probably no changing Biden’s mind on this, whether he really believes it or not, the question now is…what insane policy proposals will Biden and his team put forward to tackle it?