Biden Defenders SCRAMBLE As GOP Closes In

Biden Supporters Prepare For GOP House Probes Into Hunter

( – Last month, the White House played host to a group of social media “influencers” whose job it is to promote the Biden administration’s agenda and attack Republicans.

And after Republican lawmakers announced plans to launch congressional investigations into Hunter Biden’s dirty deals and the possible links to the president, many of those “influencers” snapped into action to promote the White House’s talking points and attack the Republicans.

In a thread on Twitter last week, Ron Filipkowski, one of the Twitter Resistance members known for posting misleading and out-of-context video clips to bash Republicans, dismissed the allegations against Hunter Biden, claiming there was no evidence that Joe Biden was in any way linked to Hunter’s dirty deals.

“No evidence.”

In other words, the pro-Biden Twitter “influencers” plan to lie through their teeth.

One of the “influencers” invited to the White House, @JoJoFromJerze, tweeted last week that she doesn’t “give a flying f*ck about Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Well, of course, she’s going to say that. Her job is to promote the White House talking points. What else is she going to say?

Another “influencer” who got to hobnob with the Biden administration, Allison Gill who goes by the Twitter handle, “Mueller She Wrote” attacked Republican leader Kevin McCarthy for investigating Hunter Biden rather than taking on high food prices.

The group behind the Twitter Resistance account MeidasTouch, also guests of the White House, said that the Republicans’ investigation into Hunter Biden would “turn Congress into a clown show.”

After the Jan. 6 committee, that ship has already sailed.

Going by the White House’s official response to the announced investigation, it is clear where these “influencers” got their talking points.

In a statement last Thursday, White House Counsel’s office spokesman Ian Sams blasted the Republicans for not prioritizing “working with President Biden” on the issues “important to the American people” and instead going after the president “with politically motivated attacks chock full of long-debunked conspiracy theories.”

Even the White House is lying through its teeth.

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