Biden Desperately Tries To Walk Back Claims Of Citizenship For “Dreamers” As Worries Mount

( President Joe Biden has long advocated opening up America’s borders and providing a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens in the United States, and over the weekend, he revealed that it is unclear whether he will get his wish in the upcoming budget bill.

Biden indicated that he was adamant about implementing a pathway for citizenship for the “dreamer” immigrants, who came into the United States illegally as children, but said that it “remains to be seen” whether it will be included in an upcoming $3.5 million budget bill.

The budget bill will only be negotiated and voted on once Democrats and Republicans get over their differences on the $1 trillion so-called “infrastructure” plan currently being negotiated.

After spending yet another weekend at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden told journalists that there “must” be a pathway to citizenship for so-called “dreamers.”

He knows that American citizens – and legal immigrants – have dreams too, right?

There are believed to be around 650,000 people in the United States who came to the country illegally as children – and tens of millions more adult illegal aliens who knowingly entered the country without the appropriate visas.

Senate Democrats continue to push for illegal aliens to be granted citizenship in the United States, opening up America’s benefits system to millions of people who have not contributed financially to America’s tax system or abided by the nation’s laws. Those same Senate Democrats have said that the budget bill must include measures relating to climate change, child tax credit, and “social spending” – and if they get those wishes, it seems likely they’ll be pushing for citizenship for “dreamers” too.

President Barack Obama established the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals system, which has since been described as unconstitutional.