Biden Doesn’t Blink For 40 Seconds In Video, Raising Health Concerns

( The soon-to-be octogenarian president elicited concern from health professionals and just about everyone else when he did not blink for 40 seconds during a speech to black law enforcement executive, according to Washington Free Beacon. A normal human reportedly blinks once every three to four seconds on average.

So what exactly is wrong with the president?

The clip uploaded on Twitter included multiple cuts, but the moment under question begins 41 seconds in. The president also had a deeper-than-usual voice as though he were sick, but the same confused childlike expression, as though he were trying hard to keep up with the teleprompter in front of him, reminding himself not to say “period” or “repeat.”

The president was also recently diagnosed with COVID-19. The White House, as usual, is refusing to answer questions related to Biden’s health. When asked by a reporter why we are not hearing directly from the president’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the press secretary said that we have.

In a letter released last week after the diagnosis, O’Connor said that Biden’s “symptoms have now almost completely resolved” and he “feels well enough to resume his physical exercise regimen.”

This is not the first time the president’s age is coming under criticism. While Biden claims to be fit enough to run again in 2024, members of his own party are skeptical. Even Van Jones said on CNN that when Biden does well, he does really well, but his gaffes are something to be concerned about.

“When he stumbles, you get nervous. You wonder…is he tired? Or is something else there?” he said.

Van Jones is not the only Democrat concerned. DNC member Steve Simeonidis told the New York Times that the U.S. was not on the right track, saying that Biden “should announce his intent not to seek re-election in ’24 right after the midterms.”

Far left squad member Sandy Cortez also expressed reservations about prematurely endorsing Biden when CNN’s Dana Bash asked her whether she would support Biden. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” Cortez responded