Biden Gets Only One Clap While Trying To Stir Crowd’s Emotions

( — President Joe Biden could only stir up one clap at an event in Las Vegas to announce prescription drug price reduction. The small audience appeared unmoved as the President delivered a speech on the University of Nevada campus. Rows of empty seats were visible as Biden once again said he had reduced the nation’s deficit. He was unable to raise enthusiasm as he promised to lower the price of prescription drugs in the future and said, “there’s a lot more coming,” eliciting applause from only one member of the audience.

The Republican National Conference immediately posted the clip on its Twitter account, saying the President was lying again about the deficit. The tweet pointed to an analysis by Moody’s Analytics, a New York City-based economic research body, that has proven Biden’s policies are worsening the national deficit. In February, a senior director at the organization said, “The actions of the administration and Congress have undoubtedly resulted in higher deficits, not smaller ones. It is encouraging that the administration has proposed some initiatives to bring down the deficit, but so far none of those initiatives has been seriously considered.”

It is not the first time that only a small number of people have turned out to see the President. Biden has been repeatedly mocked by the press and the public for failing to inspire audiences. The comparison between the current President and his predecessor Donald Trump, and the crowds they attract, has been ongoing since the run-up to the election in 2020.

As the midterm elections heated up last year, the comparisons remained, and videos went viral showing huge enthusiastic crowds showing up to support Donald Trump, with small and quiet events held for President Biden. While some supporters of the Democrats have said the small turnout for Biden in recent years reflects the social distancing requirements during the pandemic, the empty seats in Las Vegas appear to reveal a lack of pulling power long after the pandemic restrictions were lifted.

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