Biden Gives Orders For Illegals To Be Relocated

( A statement from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has issued a statement revealing how thousands of refugees from Afghanistan are being released by the Department of Homeland Security to the National Conference Center in Lansdowne, Virginia.

The statement expresses deep concerns about the implications of releasing such a large number of people into the area, which is close to two schools, and draws comparisons to the problems caused in Germany when Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the border to thousands of refugees in 2015. It resulted in a huge crime spike and rape crisis in the country.

In the statement, the Sheriff’s Office also notes how locals haven’t had any say in the matter, describing how they had received an “unannounced visit” from the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Services unit, informing them that they would be sending 2,000 refugees per month to the Washington Dulles International Airport beginning February 19.

The migrants will be regularly flown into the airport until September 2022, and that regional personnel would transport those refugees to the National Conference Center. They will remain at the center before being relocated to various other parts of the United States.

Most of these migrants will be entering the United States via Qatar and will be given cell phones and free money from various American NGOs. They will not be allowed to leave the National Conference Center grounds, but there will be so little security that it will likely be difficult to stop them from leaving.

Based on the 2015 crisis in Germany, and on the fact that an Afghan refugee was convicted of molesting a child at a Marine Corps camp in Quantico, Virginia this year, this should be concerning to every local person near the National Conference Center.